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Our Chicken Incubator Supplies Keep
Your Operation Growing


Raising chickens and other poultry is serious work that demands time, patience and the right touch. When there’s a need to nurture birds and their eggs with the right supplies, we’ve got what you need! From chicken incubator supplies to feeders and beyond, L & J Feed Company makes it all available. What’s more, we can ship what you need right to your door.


Operating out of two convenient locations in Washington State and throughout the Internet thanks to our online store, L & J Feed specializes in poultry products like chicken incubator supplies and more. We bring four decades of experience to the table and offer our online customers the same great service on which our clients in Washington have come to rely.

To help poultry operations run smoothly, we offer a number of related products. Our automatic egg turner is a uniquely designed chicken incubator accessory that safely turns eggs to properly exercise embryos while reducing the need for handling. This easy-to-operate chicken incubator runs automatically and can hold up to 41 large eggs at a time. Complete with its own thermometer, this turner works with the Little Giant Still Air Incubator.

In addition to chicken incubator products, we also offer poultry farmers access to other supplies they need. Our product line includes:

  • Chicken waterers – Making sure a large number of birds are well hydrated is no easy task. Our line of chicken waterers helps ensure the job is done right. We offer models that can water as many as 300 birds at once.

  • Chicken feeders – Proper nutrition is essential for healthy birds and a healthy egg supply. We help take the work out of this task with a wide selection of feeders. From those designed to facilitate feeding chicks to feeders for larger birds, we have them all.

  • Chicken feed – Once there’s no longer a need for a chicken incubator, getting birds fed right becomes the main mission. At L & J Feed, we make this task easy for all stages of a bird’s life. We carry an extensive line of chick starter feed products and also all purpose poultry feed for optimum nutritional benefits. We even offer oyster shell products for calcium to help build strong eggshells.

  • Other supplies – At L & J Feed, we also carry a number of other related supplies for raising healthy poultry. Our additional supplies include specialized heat bulbs, hanging feeders and more.

When you rely on L & J Feed for your poultry supplies, like chicken incubator products, you will get superior products and customer service each and every time. We stand behind all of our products with a satisfaction guarantee and a 15-day return policy. We’ve built our reputation over the course of more than 40 years by never being happy unless our customers are.

L & J Feed is your No. 1 source for poultry supplies in Washington State and on the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether you need chicken incubator parts, feed or something else, we’ve got your poultry needs met.

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