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Bulk Feed Is What You Need!

 At L & J Feed, we understand that not every pet owner needs a 50lb bag of feed.  Our bulk feed offers our customers to buy the specific amount they need.  Whether you are buying one pound of feed to twenty pounds of feed, our knowledge sales staff can incorporate your needs into your desired quantity. 

From All Purpose Poultry Feed to Oyster Shell and Scratch Grains, our bulk option gives our customers and easy and affordable way to receive the amount requested.


  • All Purpose Poultry - At L & J Feed, we do our part to make sure our customer keep their flock strong and healthy.  Whether you have poultry, turkeys, ducks or geese our all purpose poultry feed has you covered.

  • Alfalfa Pellets - Whether you are feeding Alfalfa Pellets to animals or using around your garden and plants, our bulk feed option gives you the opportunity to purchase the minimum or maximum quantity you need.

  • Rabbit Pellets – Don’t forget your little fuzzy tailed friend, who may need a single pound of Rabbit Feed instead of your typical 25lbs to 50lbs of feed.

  • Layer Pellets - Whether you have a Five Laying Hens to Thirty Laying Hens, our Layer Pellet bulk feed has your hens covered to help produce the maximum eggs you need.

  • Oyster Shell – When you have a small flock of chickens, a 50lb bag of Oyster Shell might be a little too much.  At L & J Feed, we offer to option to buy one pound to keep your flock producing strong and calcium enriched eggs.            

  • Scatch Grains – Raising chickens may be pretty easy task while feeding our two grain scratch to your large or small flock.


When buying your feed, know that L & J Feed Company is more than an online store.  L & J Feed is a family owned and operated business with over forty years experience.

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